Optimizing Images for Blogs

Optimizing Images for Blogs is a must, for images will give better illustration to your blog. Your blog will be more “live” if you embbed some pictures to your posting to blog. Clearly defined that embedding picture will attract reader to read, as you know that picture represented thousands words. The simplest practise of this quote is the picture / sign on a room let say no smooking sign, althouth only a crossed cigarette, most people know that everybody may not to smoke in the room, it is clear, althouth unspoken by sentence, just images.


On this blog i also do image optimization, i do setting on its size, resolution, quality, and file type. I only use 640 X 480 size for my blog, i used this resolution for better page loading. Its really suitable to LCD Screen from 7 – 10 inch. Most readers from desktop use this kind of screens. I know this from google analytics that i had connected to my blog, hence i can realtime monitor my blog, if there any problem, or i can optimize for better web performance. I do like optimization for i realize and know from Google analytics that now users often use mobile browser with 4-5 inch in diagonal, its so small and waiting to long to launch a non responsive blog. Then i think reviewing a website for better page loading is really important, one thins is image optimization. For you that using Responsive theme will automatically adjust the display becomes smaller fit to screen when the mobile browsers used by visitors to find is a mobile browser. But its not if you are not using mobile theme. for WordPress user you can install Jetpack Plugins, it is a one for all plugins, one of the feature is you can activate the mobile theme. With this feature, then the site will be automatically run mobile theme delivered to user.

To optimize image, i just maintain the good image quality, just do a simple editing, to crop or resize to 640 X 480, adding some more text or watermarking, doing this is so important, especially for you that create your own picture, that is why i bring my camera everyhere, for i dont miss any good moment, any best picture, mainly all those picture i take on my daily activity just for my blog. Maybe not for today, but i believe someday i need the picture.

I like to use the GIF format to get better compression, alhtough small in size but images can still represent a good-quality and fast loading. Do this several times to get the best fit experimental setting, and do not forget the settings made good by you, because any time you need an image editing not have to bother anymore.


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