What currently I am ?


What currently I am ? Before going any further I would like to give an important explanation as Premiered posting at this blog post, Currently i am a blogger managing many blogs. Each blog has a different content, so they have a different niche blogs. I own all this is to write all the content by myself, so i just create my own for original content, create their own illustrations using my own camera, I even make my own video uploaded into some of my video channel on youtube . I’ve been running since about 6 months.

I think I really need this first post to explained if any of readers wonder why i had to made some of my blog content to one blog, this is because i want to be this blog as a real of me, a real picture of me, where i am of many aspect, like the tech lover, coffee lover, running enthusiast, small scale from home business, etc. Hopefully then you all dont need to be mixed up with me.  Then I really hope that this blog can bring you what you want, what you search, if its really helpful for you then i am so happy. If you had any question please feel free to contact me.

It’s been a long time I wanted to have a lot of friends from all over the world, that’s why I want to create a blog in English so that many people can follow my blog with an easily understood. For this is indeed a lot of my friends who are from other countries, outside of Indonesia where I live, they all access using the translator. Maybe there is a bit of a problem in translation, I understand it. So from there I now write in English. So my blog  in Indonesian I wrote again manually into English, hopefully this can all help, hopefully it will be better write than auto translate using translator.


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