Winning Streak in blogging

Winning streak in blogging, I’ve experienced a winning streak, which is happened Juli to August 2014 when I was building one of my blogs that use Indonesian Language. Winning Streak took place in July 2014 a few months ago. I became a daily blogger, i need to build my blog on specific niche on sport (jogging and running), i am a daily poster, i made my own original article, who every day are always sent at least one article to the blog. But in reality I am sometimes able to send more than three articles to my blog. These conditions make a fastgrow for my blog in high traffic and followers. Based on my statistic there is a blog that day can get the traffic of visitors around 2100 pageview a day. For me those traffic is so big for newbie like me, it was because I am a new blogger, I have become a blogger in 2014. A very short time, but I had a lot to learn about blogs.


Prepare content to blog.


my keepgoing Spirit lead me to immediately have a lively blog visitors have made me do a lot of things about how I become daily blogger. One things i do is I gather all the ingredients of my blog posts. I save it, then I do prioritization where the article can be published because the data is ready to be written. This way really makes me always have a lot of material that can be written to the blog.

To maintain continuous writing then I always think a few steps ahead. In August 2014 I have even made a plan content creation blogging very neat, because I have prepared a complete material for the next month. It is truly a winning streak me in blogging. Having scheduled post for 1 next month make me free to enjoy may holiday to my favorite exotic gateway.

In respond to dailyprompt : Winning Streak


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