Diary Blogger

Diary Blogger is a topic that I raised about creating a blog that used to diary, or record / diary. As earlier times diary becomes something that is familiar to generations old like me who were born in the early ’80s, when the name was not much entertainment. TV broadcasts were not so much. Diary had been the outpouring of writing everyday.

Diary Blogger run may now be more appropriate than writing a diary how about having a blog is used to diary we can do today

Place to write a well-organized. The blog is a diary to write instead of good, some settings can be made posts for their own consumption (private) if you did not want others to read your diary, the system members (invitation) you can invite only certain reader that can read your blog. or can also be set to public. Level view of this would restrict certain users I can read your blog. Obviously the decision to set it all in your hands.

Facilitate sharing. By making the diary in the blog of course you can easily share the content of your blog to your reader or your followers. By sharing you can get a lot of support, or commentar from your peers.

Writing your diary regularly can be a story that might be appointed to a story or even a movie, who thinks and ready suspect all the possibilities are there. Live your best to create your blog.


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