Friendship Never Ends

Friendship never ends. I want to tell you about my friendship. I start working a few years ago, I was sent for training to become a financial analyst. This is really a new thing for me, considering I was an engineer who should take care of the problem of coding and other communication devices. But  I was not able to refuse because I really need to work, and the time it is very difficult to get a job, but on the other hand I have to work in the field that is really new to me.


In the training I found a lot of new friends, who will they be my partner in the next time. A few months after placement to various city of my country, I found myself placed in a place far away from my home, i had to have a flight to reach this city. Actually it’s so hard at he beginning,  But I just move, for me maybe it’s my way to be successful in the future.

In my work, I found a lot of friends, some have come from my place, but some are far away. In the passage of time, I sometimes lose a friend, because he had to move to another units, or should move to another company or resign and running his / her own business.

Thing I always remember is friendship, because in my companyt, as our sales we were trained very hard to be a formidable sales and won business competition. The ups and downs we’ve been through together, sometimes we have to help each other solve the problems we face. Togetherness that we always remember though now we’ve got their own ways. Some of thems are running their own businesses, some are moving to another company. For our friendship is eternal, which is always in our memories.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Gone But Not Forgotten


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