Running is my favorite workout.

Running is my routine workout , I do like running for many reason, for simplicity for I can take my shoes and just go outside and run. Also it is a cheap and simple exercise anyone can do. Running is a cheapest sport you can do, for you only need a running shoes, short and shirt, also you may take a GPS enabled gadget to track your running with running software. Simple and anyone can do for gadget is the everyday carry. I also like running for its effectivenes in calories, for 1 KM run i can burn about 70-80kcal, while walking will burn 50-60 kcal. Calory burning will depends on your heart rate, and training zone. If you are on 70-80% of your training zone, then the fat burning mode will very effective to burn your fat and turning it into calories.


Running is simple, but I need a complete preparation before do a run, I make a checklist to ensure i am ok on my run. Running Preparation is one important phase I do before running,

Carbo loading for my power during running
I prefer to have refined carbohydrates, such as staple food, rice, pasta, potatoes, or other carbohydrates. This kind of energy spurce is critital for it is a great source of energy for my daily activity.

Hydration needs serious attention, because when the body is in a state of good hydration, the body will easily transport lactat acid or other waste products. Do not wait until you feel thirsty, routinely should have done / maintain hydration before, while, and after sport

Warming Up, Stretching, Cooling down and Recovery. These three things are very important to be able to run well run and reduce injuries. Warming up before running will rise my blood pressure, as preparing my heart, lung, and muscle for an exercise. Stretching is important to prevent and minimize injury during and after running.. Cooling antd recovery after running is also important, to set body back to its normal activity. For faster recovery, i use compression sock. Compression sock designed specifically to facilitate the flow of blood to transport oxygen to be smooth, but it also lactat acid and other waste substances such as free radicals can be wasted with better


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