Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile-Friendly Website becomes a necessity now. Check your website now, and make sure your website labelled a mobile-friendly because now Google will give you the title of “mobile-friendly” for websites that meet the prerequisite.Immediately fix the appearance of your website so that visitors from mobile devices can fully access your website.


Mobile-Friendly website  for today is a necessity. Obviously, because since a few years ago was the tagline of going mobile is always voiced mainly by the communications company that the activity of the future will be very mobile, so it needs to support mobile devices. In the next time the data usage growth for mobile gadget user will grows significantly, since mostly people acessing internet using mobile gadget. Shortly about 5 years from now, it all has become a reality. Some years ago, its very common to use data services to access e-mail, but now its widely used a gadget fully connected to data services to be everyday carry for almost every people. It shows how huge the data service grows.

I had realized that i need to set my blog to be mobile friendly at the beginning to blog some months ago, but since i was so busy building my content then i focused more on writing good articles than fixing my blog to be mobile friendly. But last month i had much time to prepare to do audit for entire content of my blog to be mobile friendly.

As a webmaster and founder my blog then I must have changed the mindset of web design, from the first lot of decoration to make the web interface, it must be switched to a mobile-friendly, because the number of user traffic from mobile devices makes me also install special plugins that can change the look of the themes of my wordpress platform become mobile automatically when there are visitors using the gadget. Even now there latest gadget which will be marked with highend mobile. If there are only a few moments ago category of desktop and mobile traffic, now there is additional highend mobile. Features on this highly sophisticated mobile highend so that it can perform customization web interface, even though accessible website does not provide a mobile theme features.However, as a webmaster should be aware that the visitors do not all use  highend mobile gadgets, there are those who use the old or earlier  mobile gadget, the Operating System that is still long so can not perform automatic settings to move to mobile friendly.To test mobile-friendly please visit the Google Developers here. Perform the test according to the instructions, see the results of the test if your site meets these criteria.If not immediately fix your website.

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